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About WombackDrive

WombackDrive is an internet storage space for your data (Network Attached Storage, NAS), created and developed by a group of experts from Skytechnology. Our product is a cutting-edge service intended for secure storage of large quantities of data in a cloud. The user sees WombackDrive as a network hard drive on his computer, storing applications, videos, photos, documents, databases and other important files. Our product is constantly being improved and developed. Check out and try the first version of WombackDrive.


  • Easily accessible and secure service, facilitating storing and managing data in a cloud.
  • Continuous possibility to download and manage stored files.
  • A possibility to watch videos, listen to music, view PDF files directly through the internet browser or a mobile application.
  • Connection and data are encrypted, which makes file transmission secure.
  • Makes it possible to download stored files from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.

WombackDrive is a tool making sure that data is constantly accessible and rendering its management and sharing easy and pleasant.

Your data is always with you

WombackDrive is a space for your data, available from anywhere in the world where you can access the internet. Our application is an easily accessible and secure service making it possible to manage data in a cloud, also through various mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows). Moreover, WombackDrive guarantees freedom and data accessibility - documents can be sent directly to a virtual disc either from a personal computer or through a web system, which facilitates uploading data through an internet browser.


WombackDrive ensures that stored data is secure. Whether it is documents, databases of files, photos or other multimedia files - space in a cloud can be used for storing backup copies of important contents. From the moment they reach the cloud, all catalogues are durably stored and secured through an encrypted access.

WombackDrive for business

Business solutions

WombackDrive for Business is an innovative service, whereby a specific company or other client has a personalized cloud devoted to her. If you have very large quantities of data, feel free to contact our customer service department, and we will create a personal, perfectly tailored cloud for you, under our WombackDrive for Business project. If this is among your requirements, data will be stored on your own servers, in your own server room.


WombackDrive is a service which we outsource in a reseller option. It is already here - a space in a cloud for your clients, for your needs.

We provide you with technology, and make it possible for you – as a reseller - to create your own, individual graphic design – visual identification. WombackDrive is an excellent product both on its own or as a component of other services.

Phone: +48 22 100 32 48

E-mail: info@womback.com

WombackDrive for you - 20GB FREE - first version START

Only now, for our every user we give 20 GB of cloud storage space for FREE.

We have launched our newest, innovative application WombackDrive, because we believe that having secure access to one’s data is a basic service, which should be available to anyone and from anywhere in the world. That is why we give our clients as much as 20 GB of free disc space. Already, you can secure your data, favorite contents, videos or music. Check out our WombackDrive cloud!

We will gradually develop WombackDrive functionality and add new features and improvements. We want our WombackDrive to be the best network attached storage on the market ;)

For more demanding customers, we offer the possibility to enlarge cloud storage space to a preferable size.

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